Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Last night was Preston's soccer banquet. Dodgeball style. I think all 18 kids from the team were there as well as siblings and parents. For some reason it was decided that it would be parents vs. kids. So all those kids vs. like 7 dads willing to go get dodgeballed. Hansen and Lillie were out there too. In fact, Lillie was one brave cookie! She was right in the middle of it all dodging and throwing...and in the middle means right between all the 13 year olds trying to kill their dads as well as the dads trying to nail the kids. The dodgeballs were flying FAST! It was great fun and I am very sore! The picture is from when I was "out"...doesn't show the dynamics of the game at all, but it is a picture.

Today is another crazy busy day. Preston has an ortho appointment after school. Cedar Valley has it's McTeacher's night at Covington McDonalds. And Hansen has his first baseball practice of the season.

See you tomorrow.

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