Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Weird Science!

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Hansen's science fair project is finished. Cheers and whistles!!!

Lillie's science fair project is almost finished. Cheers and whistles!!!

The Science Fair is on Thursday, but Hansen has to have his in today because that is just the way his teacher rolls. Lillie's does not have to be done until set up time on Thursday. So we focused on Hansen's. After 5 years of science fair projects, we pretty much have the scientific method down around our house. Preston has always proved that getting the scientific method down is far more important than actual presentation. But surprisingly (or not surprisingly) Hansen is rather sharp on the small details. Here are a few pics of the research, but I will make you wait to see the finished project so I will have something to blog about later in the week:
Hansen wrapping a nail with wires to create a magnet.
Hansen holding paperclips in the air with his new magnet. He is wearing gloves because when we used a lantern battery the nail and wires got so hot we had to stop, so even with the radio battery he is being cautious.
Lillie collecting materials for her penny cleaning project.
Now Lillie has some clean pennies and some not so clean pennies.

In other news, it actually was snowing here yesterday. It is super cold and I am hoping that the pipe in the garage I had to fix is staying in good shape.

See you tomorrow.

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