Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Still waiting.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

A blog post with zero pictures!!!
You still here? Good for you. Now on with business. Yesterday Maren wasn't feeling well so after work she crashed for a few hours. With Maren out of commission, the kids were all looking at me for simple things like food and entertainment...the pressure was just too I took them to the new McDonald's.

Now I am just waiting for my "slacker parent of the year award" to show up on my front porch! I think I will wait a moment more, then make up a title for today's blog.

Well, the new McDonald's is nice. It is very different, has less seating, seems less inviting, has a huge play area and in a few years we won't even remember what the old McDonald's was like. The boys and I each had a Double Cheeseburger mini-meal, and Lillie had the McNugget mini-meal. Afterwards we had ice-cream! The place was very busy only being open a few days and all, but I had to feel bad for the employees on the front row. They used the tactic of three registers open getting maximum folks through the lines...unfortunately, there second tactic was to only prepare food for like 1.5 lines, thus making us wait and wait for food, while the front workers didn't have anything to do but stare at us. Doesn't matter, we knew it would be busy, so it is all good.

Sounds like Maren is doing better this morning. Her main issue now is this strange new contact lens prescription that makes it so she can't actually see. Looks like another lens trial will be looming on the horizon...maybe with her old prescription?

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

Two comments: Julian, your reaction to the people working at the McDonalds was very compassionate, and you are to be commended for that. Maren, I tried the multifocal contacts last year and had to reject the experiment. Is that what you're trying? Love, susanna

Anonymous said...

What, no pictures? Aaugh!!! Just kidding. We're glad Maren is feeling better. Sounds like the new improved McD's has some issues to work out. Hopefully the fries are still good!

Amber said...

Julian, there is nothing wrong with going to McDonald's on those days when you need help with the food and entertainment. In fact, it was grand opening week - I'd say it was a necessity. Well done. Father of the year award!

Julian's Blog said...

Maren is trying a new asigmisism lens. The old one didn't fit her eye, but the new perscription is not clear. Good for you for trying nultifocal contacts...I think I would go one near and one far first? I better start thinking about it...bifocals will be next I am sure.

Thanks Amber, I will be waiting for my upgraded award!

My fries were were the few from Hansen, Preston, and Lillie that I sampled:)