Monday, March 01, 2010

Slurpees, soccer, friends, and pine cones.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday was a very nice, warm day around our part of the world. Warm was 57 degrees! Today may get to 60 degrees! Kids are playing in tee-shirts and riding bikes, the days are getting longer, and you would think winter is almost over.

Saturday Preston had a soccer game. He scored two goals and their team won 3-1. Auntie Stef came to watch the game with us. Preston scored his first goal in perfect style right in front of us. Lillie made friends and played at the park the whole time.

Stef G. (Maren's friend who also spells her name "Stefanie" with an "F", I know, most of you think I just can't spell "Stephanie", but that is not the case at all.) came to visit for some of the day and it was fun to have her around as well.

Yesterday after church the kids got treated to Slurpees by Nana and Grandpa. Then doughnuts by mom and dad. Sunday's are good days. After all that, they still had the day to play! Here are a few pics:

Lillie and a friend at the school park. It was a good day for a bike ride to the park.
Goofy girls hanging upside down. When I showed them this picture they both said at the same time, "We look like the letter H!"
I walked into this pine cone war. After I got the kids out of their hiding spots and asked them to pose for a picture, they were all aimed at me! I quickly changed my mind and told them to aim at each other. The next picture was just a blur as pine cones were flying.

Enough for now, see you tomorrow.

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