Thursday, March 11, 2010

Seattle Sounders FC! And the science fair.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

I almost left you without pictures this morning, but then I remembered something Maren mentioned last night...Today the Sounders are playing! So here you go, the logo of my second favorite soccer team, and favorite professional sports team:

My favorite soccer team is Preston's team. Hansen and Lillie's soccer teams would be up there too, but they are not playing soccer right now. Lillie is waiting for swimming season and Hansen is running track and waiting for baseball season to start.

Some of my loyal blog readers may not give a hoot about the Seattle Sounders or professional sports in for you...The Science Fair! Woot Woot! Just joking (or "jk" as the texting world would say) you can like both the Sounders and the Science Fair, I know I do. The Science Fair at Grass Lake Elementary is tonight. We will be attending the Science Fair and recording the Soccer. Both Lillie and Hansen will have very nice projects on display along with most the school. But the Science Fair is a more than just an opportunity to see great projects, it is also a chance to get way too close to all the other parents in the overcrowded gym. I am impressed with the kid's projects, that I did help on a little. Maren figures I have done (I say helped with) more elementary homework as an adult than I ever did as a student...and I am sure she is right.

OK, got to get on with the day...maybe check Facebook.

See you tomorrow.

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Grandma and Grandpa said...

Three cheers for the Science Fair! Woot woot! (Whatever that means) We're looking forward to seeing pictures of Lillie and Hansen's projects.