Friday, March 12, 2010

Science Fair and more.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday was a banner day for taking pictures. There were even pictures I took that will not make it into today's blog! Rather than make you read the blog and look at the pictures, I will just go caption style:

Hansen's display at the Science Fair.
Lillie's display at the Science Fair.
A snap shot of the Science Fair. It was far more crowded than this picture even suggests. Too crowded to really look at the projects because if you stopped walking, you blocked like 7 people trying to find suitable breathing air. One of these years they may divide it into two nights? I doubt it because the kids all toured the projects during school and the evening is kind of just a the more people the better.
John and Carol also made it to the Science Fair, then took us out to ice-cream afterwards. Thanks!
Lillie had her 7 year check up yesterday as well. She passed with flying colors and is happy that does not happen again for a couple of years. This is her testing he eyes...there were no pictures of her in the silly paper gowns they make you wear.
Maren picked these up yesterday! This is the artwork created by Lillie's friends a the Art Studio on her birthday. They really turned out great!

And lastly, for all you Lewis and Clark fans, and live theatre fans (no photo?), yesterday at Cedar Valley the 5th Avenue Theatre put on an amazing show about the Lewis and Clark journey for the school. They did a great job and yay to the PTA for bringing the 5th Avenue to the school where most kids have probably never even seen a live play put on by professionals.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Very nifty projects! Congratulations, Lillie and Hansen!