Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The piano, pictures, cake.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday we had the piano professionally tuned. Hansen had been complaining that it did not sound like the piano he takes his lessons on. Maren has wanted it tuned for years. The piano is a Monarch Chicago. It has been in Maren's family for 4 generations! Purchased in the early 1930's by Maren's great aunt Lillian, this piano has been well used for many many years. The tuner said that he does not see too many pianos this age worth tuning, but this one, while not being tuned for like 10 plus years, is doing ok. He recommended getting it tuned again in a year and to have him come make little tweaks as needed as some notes will not hold their tune, but overall he said if we keep it tuned it should work well for another 30 years or so.

Hansen jumped right on the newly tuned piano and belted out some Star Wars. Star Wars was probably written 50 years after this piano was made, but has been around my whole life.
Yes, we did just have bunny pictures taken with Hansen and Lillie last week, but we never had Lillie's 7 year pictures taken. She got a trip to Yuen Lui for some pics. She insisted on dressing herself, being in charge of her scraggly hair, and to some extent the poses that the photographer used. It was all fine with me, it is her 7 year pictures after all...and if some year she wishes we tried harder with hair and clothes for her pictures, I will just tell her that she took charge and this is exactly how she wanted things done. That counts for something.
The kids have been getting their report card and grades this week. They all did very well as usual. Nana left them with some ice-cream money for their hard work. We ate dinner at Costco last night and did some shopping. The kids all decided to pool their ice-cream money and buy a Costco cake! Costco cake is good, and it should last them a few days anyhow.
See you tomorrow.


Grandpa and Bernice said...

Really enjoyed hearing about all the things the kids are doing - and what a good idea to pool their ice cream money and buy that lucious looking cake. Congrats to all the kids on doing so well in school, piano, soccer, running, etc. We'll look forward to Lillian's pictures.

Amber said...

I agree with giving Lillie the freedom of choice. I'm certain we had the same thing, there's just no blog or record to prove it.