Monday, March 22, 2010

I don't want to name your blog.

Good morning, it is Monday. I didn't have a snappy title for today's blog, so I asked Maren to give me a random title for today...

Before I go on with our weekend I wanted to give a big shout out to the House Of Representatives for putting thought the Health Care Reform. Still has some to go, but it looks good.

Now on to the weekend. Saturday we took a drive over to Point Defiance Park to hang with cousins. It was a last minute thing that just worked. Hansen and I took our bikes and did some bike riding with Alex and Kraig. Lillie got to play with Claire and Lee Audey. The pictures below will show a fun time at the water, in the trees, and on the bikes...but Hansen and Alex will tell you that next time just Kraig and I should ride bikes and they should just hang out at the water, in the trees, and that would be fine.

Lillie and Hansen at the beach.
Lee Audrey, Lillie, and Claire up in a tree eating ice-cream
Hansen and Alex, also up in a tree. Miles was around too.
Alex and Hansen riding bikes on the boardwalk.
OK, enough about Point Defiance Park. By the pictures you would think that I take the kids out places solely for the reason of snapping their pictures and posting them on my blog. That is not true, but even if it was, so what...they are getting out and about.

Preston spent the night at two different friend's houses this weekend and played in two soccer games. Preston scored 5 goals this weekend and had a great sleep deprived weekend.

Last night we went out to Arby's for dinner. Lillie also had artwork displayed at Arby's. Me being art docent and her teacher running the art walk couldn't have anything to do with it??? Do you think?
This is conference week so we are out of school early all week. Tonight Hansen has his first ever track meet. We shall see if Hansen shares any of his brother's track genes.

See you tomorrow.


mycornerwindow said...

In my defense, I am not a morning person.

Julian's Blog said...

I think it is a great title for today's blog. Thanks Mar!