Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Happy Dr. Seuss Day...and strawberries.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday while Preston was at soccer, we took our monthly trip to Costco. No, it won't be the only time this month we go to Costco, just the only time we have it budgeted, therefor charging it rather than having to use our meager cash supplies. The box of strawberries seemed to be the biggest hit of all. Lillie was not happy with me for taking the first one without even washing the strawberry...oh the pesticides, yum! But after Maren washed a few, they were just hoovered. You would think the kids only eat Mac and Cheese! Well...uh. Anyway, Maren just took out the whipped cream, sprayed directly on the strawberries, and started passing them out. The kids thought that was great. Little do they know that Maren has been eating fries like that with the little ketchup packages for years, why go through the mess of making a pile of ketchup, just apply directly to each fry! Makes sense to me. Here are a couple of pics:

Today is Dr. Seuss day. Read Across America Day. Get your hat, and read with the Cat day. We will be having a big program at our school where the Cat in the Hat (that will be me!) will be making an appearance and a local librarian (yup, Maren) will be reading a Green Eggs And Ham to a gym full of kids. Should be a fun evening, and yes, green eggs and ham will be served.

See you tomorrow.

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Grandma and Grandpa said...

What yummy looking strawberries! How cool to be the Cat in the Hat!