Saturday, March 20, 2010

Flowers, bunnies, awards and report card.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday started smoothly as could be, but around the middle of the day, things started to slide...but just for a bit. The funny thing is that my horoscope said that would happen and I just didn't pay any attention to it. And there is another very cool bike for sale on I didn't buy the one yesterday...maybe today? No.

Ok, so yesterday was the day I was headed to Lillian's class to art docent. The plan was to make flowers for a fancy watering pot that the kids would all sign. The flowers and the watering pot then go into the GL silent auction. My trouble started when the tissue paper was in different sizes than I thought it would be in. But I am getting ahead of myself here. As I was preparing the lesson (the kids are at a short recess) Michelle from the PTA brought Mrs. Akins an award she won for being an Outstanding Educator. Congrats Mrs. Akins! Lillie is lucky to be in your class! This picture is Mrs. Akins on the left, Michelle (also the leader of the art docent program) on the right. I had my phone and made them pose quickly. The picture tuned out great.

Ok, so back to art. Mrs. Akins offered to cut the paper down to size which was great. But it turned out to be a busy job and the kids did not all perform so well at making their flowers as I had thought they would. Lillie finished early doing a great job, so she was put to work helping fellow students who were struggling. During this time I was calling back kids to the back of the class to sign the watering can. Actually, the watering can turned out great. The flowers turned out just fine. But in all the craziness, Mrs. Akins forgot to hand out report cards. So after class she was looking up address of kids with Monday conferences to hand deliver the report cards to so the parents could be prepared. I offered to take Lillie's report card once I cleaned up, and was on my way.

We raced home and made it just in time to head over to Yuen Lui in Federal Way for Bunnie pictures! Maren was reading Hansen's report card (yes, he did very well...but we do have a few questions) in the van on the drive and went to read Lillie's report card. Turns out...and this is the kicker...I grabbed the wrong report card from the stack on Mrs. Akin's desk. In my hurry, the names looked the same. So, while none of this stuff is really all my fault, I am feeling a bit crummy for leading to Mrs. Akins not handing out report cards, having to drive them around, and then taking the wrong one! Luckily my art docent days come to an end in a month or so. Cringe.

Now to Yuen Lui. Things have now turned around and the bunny pictures went great. The young man who was the photographer was excellent. The pictures turned out great. And the kids had a wonderful time. Preston decided again that he was too old and he is not present. His loss. The bunnies were fun and we went out to Red Robin for dinner afterwards. This is a picture from my phone capturing Lillie, Hansen, bunnies, and the photographer at work.

So the day almost ended on a good note. Preston went off and spent the night at a friend's house along with a few other friends which is great. Hansen has a hard time falling asleep when Preston is not there as they share a room and Hansen is just kind of that way. Oh well. The fact that I am typing on Saturday morning means we made it! I will probably take a break from blogging tomorrow, so if you only finished half of this crazy long post, you have time to finish tomorrow.

See you tomorrow, or the next day.

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