Friday, March 19, 2010

Flowers, bunnies, and History.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Today is a busy day. I should be getting my ducks in a row, but instead I have been drooling over the bike of the day at Sure I have three bicycles, one for the road, one for the dirt, and one that is OK at both that I ride to work. But who couldn't use a 4th bike? How about a single speed street bike with 700cc wheels and disk brakes. Yeah, I say cool.

So what do we have going on today? Well, to start with I am art docent in Lillie's class again today. The class is making different flowers and signing a cute watering tin to put up for auction for the silent auction. Last night we were playing with different types of flowers to use. Preston really wanted me to take him out of school to go to Lillie's class and teach origami flowers. Only his flowers are too tough for me to do...let alone a 1st grader. So I have one that I found and one that Maren found that I will use.

Directly after school we will be heading to get Easter Bunny pictures for Hansen and Lillie. Preston is feeling too old, but he is invited. I think he has too many plans for this weekend as well with soccer games and overnights. We will see how that pans out.

OK, off to find a couple of bucks to give Hansen as he gets to go to the Washington State History Museum for a field trip. Lucky Hansen!

See you tomorrow.

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