Thursday, March 25, 2010


Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday was conferences with Hansen and Lillian's teachers. Both are doing very well. Hansen has a few minor organizational things to keep on top of, but overall a very good conference. Lillie is just motoring along at the top of her class. It is always nice to hear nice things about your kids! We stopped by the book fair on the way into school. I always give in and more books for the kids than I is not like they don't have a Librarian for a mom, but there is something about a brand new book that you just chose and really really want. And the school PTA is making a little $$$ off the deal, so it is all good.

Here is a photo of Lillie reading one of her new books to a very captive audience of dolls and stuffed animals.

Last night Preston had a band concert. John and Carol were in attendance as well as Maren. I stayed home with Hansen and Lillie, but I hear the music was top notch!

See you tomorrow.

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