Monday, March 15, 2010

Art, movie, soccer, spending birthday money!

Good morning, it is Monday.

We survived another weekend! As I uploaded pictures to show you, I realized that I don't have any of Hansen this weekend. He was around, but he didn't go to Preston's soccer game, and he wasn't spending his birthday money, but he did have a good weekend kicking fact I would guess that Hansen had the most relaxing weekend of us all. On to pictures.

This is Lillie in front of AAA Pest Control in Kent. Her art was in the Kent Art Walk, the very top piece is hers. After the art walk, we all headed off to the $3.00 movie theatre to check out Alvin And The Chipmunks, the Squealel. Preston wanted to sit in the back, Hansen wanted to sit in the front. Lillie and Maren in the middle. We can't do anything as a whole family anymore! But it all worked out, Preston and I went toward the back, Maren and Lillie sat a row behind Hansen...who was up pretty close to the front.
The folks in this picture, along with me, were on the road (in the same car) by 7:00am Saturday to catch this ferry in order to make it to the team's soccer game. The ferry ride was fun, the kids were crazy goofy, the game didn't go their way, but such is soccer.

Yesterday Preston went to a soccer friend's birthday party at Ace Bowling near South Center. The place is pretty cool! We showed up to pick up Preston just as they were getting ready to blow out the candles. Lillie does not even know who the birthday boy is...but as you see from this picture, she navigated her way to the front row for the singing...and yes, she enjoyed her cake. The birthday boy and family didn't mind her hanging out. One sideways glance and I would have had her out of there!
This weekend we made it to ToysRus so Lillie could spend her birthday gift cards. She didn't buy anything I thought she would. Lillie really wanted a new watch. And a watch with big numbers and silly digital watch for her.
And a pink guitar! She seems to think that she can get Preston to teach her how to play. Little does she know that Preston quit teaching himself the guitar and just stuck with the piano and the clarinet. Who knows, maybe they will both learn to play. The only toy Lillie bought herself was a Dentist Barbie. Dentist chair and all. Yikes.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

We like to sit in the middle at movies, too. And we second that yikes on Dentist Barbie!