Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day/President's Day.

Good morning, it is Monday.

No school due to President's Day! We were originally due to have this whole week off, but because of the strike at the beginning of the school year, we just have today and tomorrow off. For a family who is not going anywhere far away, a 4 day weekend is plenty. With Valentine's Day and President's Day back to back, the kids in the world may not even know why they have the day off of school.

Yesterday Maren got her hair highlighted for the first time in her life! It looks very nice. I recommended she get a little pink tossed in there as well, but she stuck with the yellow and brown colors. Maren really likes the way it turned out, not a big difference, but a good difference.
Yesterday after church John and Carol took us out to lunch at Red Robin. I took this pic while everyone was checking the no silly grins.
While Maren was out getting her hair done, I took the kids over to John and Carol's house to have a visit with Jack and Avery. There was lots of playing and having fun. Lillie had the idea to ask Grandpa for some old socks to make sock puppets out of. Lillie couldn't hold still enough to get a picture of, but here is Hansen and his sock puppet. Hansen is such a creative artist!
As I type, Maren and Preston are hanging out with a mob of folks shopping the 50% off President's Day sale at Value Village. Who knows what treasures they will fine.

See you tomorrow.

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