Tuesday, February 09, 2010

returning stuff

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

I have been having trouble with my Verizon cell phone, and Hansen had trouble with his model airplane that he purchased at the Airplane Museum. I will start with my phone. After a year and a half the vz navigator stopped knowing where I was in the world. It let me down a few times so I brought my phone in. They ended up giving me a new phone (same model-LG Dare) and it too has the same issues. Turns out that the best they can figure it is due to the newest version of the software not meshing with the phone...or something. But I really like my phone for the camera (it is the only camera I use these days) and I am not due to upgrade for several months. So I just canceled the vz navigator feature, and canceled the Rhapsody music player as well as I don't get my money worth. I could probably whine and complain and not stop until I get a new phone that is a different model...but truthfully, I just don't care that much and am just as happy to save the money.

Hansen's airplane came with two right tail wings and no left. This really is a problem if the plane is going to look realistic. I really did not want to go back to the museum just for a return, so I finally just e-mailed the company the facts, and attached this sad/goofy/strange photo:

I received a response way quicker than I had expected to and the company is sending Hansen a new plane. They did not mention the photo.

No big plans for tonight, so I am sure we will be busy.

See you tomorrow.

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