Thursday, February 25, 2010

The phone is for...

Good morning, it is Thursday.

A strange thing has been happening around our house these days. The phone has been ringing more than ever, and it is not just telemarketers. Hansen and Lillie are starting to get phone calls! You might think with having "Mr. Popular" Preston as a teenager we would be used to this, but no! Preston just texts all his friends to the tune of 4000 text messages per month, the average text being something like, "yup!". But the bottom line is, we don't answer the phone for him, his cell phone vibrates and then he is texting.

The past few days Hansen has been getting girls calling him. Hansen will get the phone, then slowly disappear into the other room. Last time this happened Lillie looked at me and said,"I think Hansen is too young to be talking to girls on the phone!" I looked at her and said, "whatever." "Whatever" is really the only way to respond to a 6 year old who knows everything. Actually Hansen does not like talking to girls on the phone. When the girls get their own cell phones and can text, it will be a different story, but his tactic yesterday was just not to answer the phone, or return messages. Go Hansen!

Lillie on the other hand, loves talking on the phone. Yesterday a friend called her 6 times in 10 minutes. We answered three of those calls and the other three went to voice mail. The voice mails are very cute as 6 year olds generally don't know how to talk on the phone, much less to an answering machine. "I was just wondering if...if...if...if...if...if...if...I was just wondering...bye Lillie!" Very cute. This picture is of Lillie shooing me away from her as she looks for some privacy.

Today I will Art Docent in Lillie's class. We will be doing bold and bright family portraits based on the work of W. H. Johnson. Hope it turns out!

See you tomorrow.

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