Thursday, February 18, 2010

Off to San Diego.

Good evening, it is Thursday night!

Tomorrow morning Maren and I are hopping on a plane to fly to San Diego...without kids! Maren has a conference/award thing to go to for science books. Yup, I don't know anything about that stuff. But I do know that we are leaving tomorrow morning and getting home Sunday.

Nana is staying at our house along with the kids. John will come join her for the weekend. Maren asked me to make a list of things to do for Carol. Some may say this is a bit overkill, others may think this is just accurate, you can make up your on mind. This is just Friday...I won't bore you with the weekend:

Friday at the Slane house:

I wake Preston up at 6:55 am. He will take a shower and come downstairs by about 7:20 am, and turn on soccer.

At 7:30 am I wake up Hansen and Lillian. If they are not downstairs by 7:45 am, I wake them up again and get a little crabby with them.

Preston has to be out the door at 8:05 am. So at about a quarter to 8:00 I make sure he has had his breakfast (he makes it himself) and I pack his lunch. He gets a ride to school from Connor.

As Preston is leaving for school, it is time for Hansen and Lillian to eat breakfast. Hansen will have oatmeal and coffee, Lillie maybe a slice of bread and butter and hot chocolate.

On Fridays, Julia M. will show up around 8:05am. She will have eaten breakfast and will probably go sit on the corner couch and watch TV or read quietly.

8:30am, start making sure Hansen is ready to go to school. Bathroom, glasses, shoes, lunch packed. Lillian is usually ready to go.

8:35 am. Out the door! Hansen and Julia may go ahead and you may be with Lillian. Walk to the bus stop. Bus comes at 8:46am.

Continue walking to Cedar Valley Elementary. I usually work from 9:00 to 2:30am. As I won’t be there, they will be expecting you. I have told them you will do a fine job with all the needy 1st graders. Just joking…you can go back home and relax for a few hours.

Preston’s school gets out at 3:02pm. I pick him and Connor up from school. You should try to get to Cedar Heights (the jr. high on Kent Kangley) at about 2:50. CV is getting out, so the roads are crowded. You want to turn into the second entrance, then take the first left to be in the long parking lot in front of the school (next to Kent Kangley). I go to the far end so the kids can find me. Another tip, back into the parking spot so you can get out…gets very busy.

Hansen and Lillie’s bus drops them off at about 3:48. I leave the house around 3:45 and meet them at the bus stop and walk them home. Better safe than sorry, besides, sometimes there are high school mobs hanging around the bottom of the cul-de-sac and the kids get freaked out by that.

Once all the kids are home…you’re on your own for the rest of Friday!

We have let the kids know that no one will be spending the night at our house, and no one will be spending the night at anyone else’s house. They should not even ask. Of course, the kids can always text or call me if there are any questions. They do have permission to have friends over Friday night to watch a movie, but the friends need to go home around 9pm.

OK...there you go. Good luck Nana and Grandpa. Thanks a ton for watching the kids!

See you Sunday!

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sussah said...

Have fun Julian! love, susanna