Wednesday, February 03, 2010

mud, walls, homework.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

The last couple of days have been very nice weather wise around here. Mid 50's, no rain or close to it. When Preston has nothing to do, rather than getting on his bike and riding to a friend's house (like I would have done at that age), he just puts on his soccer shoes and destroys the back yard, while texting his friends. Hansen will go out and join him as well. This is the back slider door as it usually looks these days. Muddy shoes, muddy soccer ball, and a cat hanging outside not being able to decide if it is wiser to come in or stay out. On a good day the mud is designated to the little door mat...other days it creeps further into the house.

Lillian has gotten into room decorating. She snuck a couple of rolls of tape upstairs and the recycle bin has not seen any of her art for a few days. She loves having art all over her room in every possible spot. Of course she likes to have clothes and toys all over the floor in every possible spot as well. But I don't have issue with the walls.
Lillian generally dives right into her homework no problem. For 1st grade, there is not too much, usually a math sheet like this one, and some spelling words to memorize. We have like 50 magazines come to our house every month so Lillian could have chosen cell phones, flowers, anything for her story problem...but she chose cars! Hansen had lots of homework last night, finding common denominators in math and tons of vocabulary as well...but I didn't even try to take his picture while doing homework as he was on a roll.
See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Lillie's walls look very cute!

Emily said...

I spy Lily the mouse in Lillie's room! Her red boots are my all time favorite.