Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

It is Valentine's Day! We don't do much, but we did put a few treats and a card for each kid, as well as their mom, at their place at the table. The school parties were the big hit for the littles who now have a bag of cards and candy from each of their classmates. The no parties deal at the Jr. High had Preston feeling a bit left out, but I am sure he found plenty of Valentine's candy.

Yesterday I took Hansen to see The Lightning Thief movie. I really liked the movie. Hansen would have really liked the movie but he is having a hard time getting over how much they changed the movie from the book. I actually thought some of the changes may have been for the better, I really enjoyed the book and the movie. After the movie we picked up Maren and Lillian and headed out to the Super Mall in Auburn. Lillie found some earrings and some glasses. Yes, she really wanted these glasses. They are like sunglasses with clear lenses, I guess she was feeling left out in the glasses department. Preston has been hanging out with Austin's family for the second weekend in a row, I guess anything to get away from us for the day? Actually they went ice-skating and just hung out. Here is a pic taken at Starbucks:

Have a nice Valentine's Day.

See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

Julian, Lillie looks ADORABLE in glasses. It's funny that she came up with that idea on her own, considering you did the same thing when you were younger. I personally have never had the urge to wear glasses (other than sunglasses when it's sunny).