Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Haircut #2.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday it was Lillian's turn to get a haircut. This is the first time since she has been growing hair that she has ever had bangs. She really likes her new haircut, and since she does not like tons of hair doodads, it is great that it will be easy to manage.

Yesterday I actually climbed up on the roof to put on tons of moss killer. This wet warm winter has left its mark with moss everywhere. And I hate climbing on the top part of the roof. I sprinkled a whole can of powder and also sprayed some spray. It rained last night, so I am hoping it all got washed in as it should, not washed off! I don't need to get up there again anytime soon. Both Maren and John offered to get up there for me...yeah right, like I would let either of them get up there if I am not willing to!

Yesterday I also downloaded TaxCut and did our taxes. Because I don't have my job at the school withhold taxes, our refund is less than years past, but it will still be nice to get. Yesterday we got tons of chores done then went out to the Sizzler for dinner. Have not been there in years and years. Kids loved it. Especially the dessert bar.

Today Lillian's friend Lily will come over to play and Preston has a birthday party to attend later.

See you tomorrow.

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Shannon said...

Please tell Lillie I LOVE her haircut! It looks so cute!