Wednesday, February 10, 2010

4:57 PM

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

4:57 PM. You may wonder why I typed that? Is there some significance to that time? Has Julian finally fallen off his rocker after hundreds of posts? Here are the answers: I will tell you, no, and maybe...just hang in there a second!

Actually, these four pictures were taken at 4:57pm. This is exactly what was happening in our house at that time. I think it makes for kind of a cool blog.

Preston and Connor, done with their homework were goofing with their web-cams and e-mailing each other on their school laptops from close range while watching soccer on TV.
Hansen and Nick, done with building Legos and shooting things with Nerf guns had moved on to games on the computer.
Lillie, done with playing outside, came in to watch some of her Barbie movie and get away from the boys.
And Maren just walked in the door from a gruelling drive home after working the afternoon in Bellevue.

By the time American Idol came on, but after these pictures were taken we (as in some did some, others did other) also: Took my old phone to the FedEx store, bought milk and eggs, had dinner, did homework, did chores, made bigger messes than the chores cleaned, practiced piano, cooked cookes, and ate cookies. Phew.

See you tomorrow.

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Melanie Ostergard said...

Wow, that wore me out just reading it. You and Mar must be on top of your game to get it all done and remain semi-sane....I'm impressed.