Saturday, February 27, 2010

Claire's party.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Last night was (and still is...sleepover) Claire's birthday party! We all showed up for the party but when we all went home, Lillie got to stay along with a couple of other girls for a sleepover!

Here are a few pictures:
Claire getting ready to blow out her candles.
The boys hanging out eating pizza on the floor because the girls got the table.

Preston hanging out with Auntie Stef.
Maren hanging out with her Auntie Sue.

Today is off and rolling, I am going to help a neighbor with plumbing, then pick up Lillie, Maren has a friend coming out to visit, and Preston has a soccer game. I think that is enough, but I feel like I am missing something. Hmm.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, February 26, 2010

I weigh as much as...

Good morning, it is Friday.

I wish I had a picture of this, but I don't, so you will just have to imagine. Yesterday Preston stepped on the scale. He is all of 125 lbs. but taller than me. I told him that if he put Lillie on his back, he would be about the same weight at me. So he did. Preston with Lillie on his back on the scale (good pic as they tried not to laugh) weighed 184 lbs. Then I weighed myself at 183 lbs. We all thought is was cool that is was so close, but we wanted it exact. So I drank a big glass of water, and boom, gained one pound and I ended up 184 lbs. Yes, I know I should loose 10 to 15 lbs. But that is a different blog. As of yesterday, after a large glass of water, I weighed the exact same as Preston with Lillie on his back. When I said, "we all thought this was cool", I should actually have said, "Preston, Lillie and I thought it was cool"...Maren was not so impressed with our quest for the same weights...I don't remember if she thought we were "strange", "dorks", or just "Slanes":)

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The phone is for...

Good morning, it is Thursday.

A strange thing has been happening around our house these days. The phone has been ringing more than ever, and it is not just telemarketers. Hansen and Lillie are starting to get phone calls! You might think with having "Mr. Popular" Preston as a teenager we would be used to this, but no! Preston just texts all his friends to the tune of 4000 text messages per month, the average text being something like, "yup!". But the bottom line is, we don't answer the phone for him, his cell phone vibrates and then he is texting.

The past few days Hansen has been getting girls calling him. Hansen will get the phone, then slowly disappear into the other room. Last time this happened Lillie looked at me and said,"I think Hansen is too young to be talking to girls on the phone!" I looked at her and said, "whatever." "Whatever" is really the only way to respond to a 6 year old who knows everything. Actually Hansen does not like talking to girls on the phone. When the girls get their own cell phones and can text, it will be a different story, but his tactic yesterday was just not to answer the phone, or return messages. Go Hansen!

Lillie on the other hand, loves talking on the phone. Yesterday a friend called her 6 times in 10 minutes. We answered three of those calls and the other three went to voice mail. The voice mails are very cute as 6 year olds generally don't know how to talk on the phone, much less to an answering machine. "I was just wondering if...if...if...if...if...if...if...I was just wondering...bye Lillie!" Very cute. This picture is of Lillie shooing me away from her as she looks for some privacy.

Today I will Art Docent in Lillie's class. We will be doing bold and bright family portraits based on the work of W. H. Johnson. Hope it turns out!

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Good morning, it is Wednesday.

The rain is back. It hit yesterday around lunch and has not left, nor will it for a long time. Well, we may get a decent day on Saturday for Preston's soccer game.

Here is probably the last picture I will post from San Diego. Maren hanging out with the Gecko. The kids that were there for family day knew exactly who the Geico Gecko was, the adults were wondering what was up with the half lizard/half sleestack wandering around.

Yesterday was the 100th day of school for the kids around here. In some of the classes kids would bring in 100 of this or 100 of that to share with other kids and count and stuff. One girl in second grade looked at me after math with a very sad look on her face and said,"because it's the 100th day of school math is not over now, we have to do math ALL DAY!" I just gave a little fist pump and said, "YES!"

Today is back to piano for Hansen and Lillie, and soccer for Preston.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And the winner is??? SB&F Prize winners.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

After yesterday's blog, you might think I skipped out on the AAAS conference and just did the sight seeing in San Diego. Nope. I was there too. Checked out the booths of the conference, enjoyed family day in the conference, and even attended a session on the science of being happy. Boy, was that a long and boring session...just joking. It was actually quite interesting, as was the whole conference. Maren was there because she has been the Chair of the committee that awards the Young Adult Science Book. So, we got to go to breakfast with the authors, we helped with the book signings, we helped set up the room for the awards ceremony, and basically made ourselves available to help in any way. I think everyone was happy we were there, I know we enjoyed ourselves.

Now for the awards and the pictures:
This is Terry Young. A librarian who was helping run the event. Heather could not be there and everyone else stepped up nicely to make sure things went great. Of course the other side of this picture is out there somewhere, me taking a picture of Terry.
Book signing by the authors. On the left is Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Robert Gardner and on the right is Children's Science Picture Book Winner Molly Bang. Maren and I were invited to dinner after the awards ceremony by Robert Gardner's editor from Enslow named Dorothy. We had a very nice dinner with very nice company!
More book signing. The author on the left is Idan Ben-Barak winner of the Young Adult Science Book award (Maren's committee). The middle author is Pamela S. Turner winner of the Middle Grades Science Book, and seated at the right side of the picture is Andy Comins, the photographer for Pamela's book, also an award winner...I am sure Andy would have taken better pictures, maybe even would have included his own left ear!
At the awards ceremony. Young Adult Science Book Winner Idan Ben-Barak came all the way from Australia. He wanted me to take this picture to prove to his mom that he actually wore a coat and a tie. He said this was the first time in his life he had ever wore a tie. Here is your proof mom!
Robert Gardner, accepting his Lifetime Achievement Award. He has authored over 140 science books for kids. How amazing is that? A soccer book he authored is in the mail for Preston and Preston now has a signed copy of his current basketball book!
Idan Ben-Barak accepting the Young Adult Science Book award for his book Invisible Kingdom: From the Tips of Our Fingers to the Tops of Our Trash, Inside the Curious World of Microbes. Maren now has a signed copy!
Pamela S. Turner and Andy Comins (background left) accepting the Middle Grades Science Book Award for The Frog Scientist. Hansen now has a signed copy!
Molly Bang accepting the Children's Science Picture Book Award for Living Sunlight: How Plants Bring the Earth to Life. Lillie now has a signed copy!
Terry Young, doing a good job of being MC. Two teachers were also given awards for essays, but I don't have any pictures of them to post.
Subaru sponsored the SB&F Prize along with the AAAS. I would love to have this Subaru for my car (any Subaru for that matter). I did sit in the Subaru and was told about how AAAS members get a discount...maybe someday!

Tomorrow I will try to remember to post the picture of Maren with the Gecko who was roaming around. Ok, off to get the kids ready for school, this blog took more time than my daily blog as I tried to spell every one's name correctly. I hope I did!

See you tomorrow.

Monday, February 22, 2010

San Diego

Good morning, it is Monday.

We are happy to be home, and happy to report that the whole trip for Maren and I, her committee/science stuff, the kids and Nana and Grandpa went great. Everything went just great. We had a great time, the kids had a great time, and Nana and Grandpa had a great time. Yay!

I have not downloaded the pictures from the awards ceremony that Maren (and I) helped out with. I have pictures of the authors and stuff, but I will down load those pictures later. Here are just a couple of pics from the trip:

This is a picture taken while walking to the convention center in the morning. It was generally warm and sunny, not as nice as in Seattle I hear, but very nice. The rain would come and go, but even the same degree weather seems warmer in SD. Maybe the ground temp is just warmer or something.
I walked to the Bob Hope memorial and other memorials around SD harbor. The Midway in the background, but we didn't go on board. There is also a cool WWII monument.

Maren in Balboa Park. Here she is holding up the picture in the brochure in front of the building from the brochure. How cool is that?

OK, enough blogging for now, go to go wake up the kids and get ready for school and work.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Off to San Diego.

Good evening, it is Thursday night!

Tomorrow morning Maren and I are hopping on a plane to fly to San Diego...without kids! Maren has a conference/award thing to go to for science books. Yup, I don't know anything about that stuff. But I do know that we are leaving tomorrow morning and getting home Sunday.

Nana is staying at our house along with the kids. John will come join her for the weekend. Maren asked me to make a list of things to do for Carol. Some may say this is a bit overkill, others may think this is just accurate, you can make up your on mind. This is just Friday...I won't bore you with the weekend:

Friday at the Slane house:

I wake Preston up at 6:55 am. He will take a shower and come downstairs by about 7:20 am, and turn on soccer.

At 7:30 am I wake up Hansen and Lillian. If they are not downstairs by 7:45 am, I wake them up again and get a little crabby with them.

Preston has to be out the door at 8:05 am. So at about a quarter to 8:00 I make sure he has had his breakfast (he makes it himself) and I pack his lunch. He gets a ride to school from Connor.

As Preston is leaving for school, it is time for Hansen and Lillian to eat breakfast. Hansen will have oatmeal and coffee, Lillie maybe a slice of bread and butter and hot chocolate.

On Fridays, Julia M. will show up around 8:05am. She will have eaten breakfast and will probably go sit on the corner couch and watch TV or read quietly.

8:30am, start making sure Hansen is ready to go to school. Bathroom, glasses, shoes, lunch packed. Lillian is usually ready to go.

8:35 am. Out the door! Hansen and Julia may go ahead and you may be with Lillian. Walk to the bus stop. Bus comes at 8:46am.

Continue walking to Cedar Valley Elementary. I usually work from 9:00 to 2:30am. As I won’t be there, they will be expecting you. I have told them you will do a fine job with all the needy 1st graders. Just joking…you can go back home and relax for a few hours.

Preston’s school gets out at 3:02pm. I pick him and Connor up from school. You should try to get to Cedar Heights (the jr. high on Kent Kangley) at about 2:50. CV is getting out, so the roads are crowded. You want to turn into the second entrance, then take the first left to be in the long parking lot in front of the school (next to Kent Kangley). I go to the far end so the kids can find me. Another tip, back into the parking spot so you can get out…gets very busy.

Hansen and Lillie’s bus drops them off at about 3:48. I leave the house around 3:45 and meet them at the bus stop and walk them home. Better safe than sorry, besides, sometimes there are high school mobs hanging around the bottom of the cul-de-sac and the kids get freaked out by that.

Once all the kids are home…you’re on your own for the rest of Friday!

We have let the kids know that no one will be spending the night at our house, and no one will be spending the night at anyone else’s house. They should not even ask. Of course, the kids can always text or call me if there are any questions. They do have permission to have friends over Friday night to watch a movie, but the friends need to go home around 9pm.

OK...there you go. Good luck Nana and Grandpa. Thanks a ton for watching the kids!

See you Sunday!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

President's Day Vacation.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Vacation is over, time to get ready for school...but here is a short blog entry:

Yesterday the weather was great. Probably 55 degrees and dry. Kids played outside all day! Here are some neighbor kids having too much fun on the trampoline at a neighbor's house. I would go out and check on them every now and again, bring my camera and remind them to do something stupid so I could tape it and win $10,000 on AFV. Usually that would calm them down a little, for a little.

Lillian had her friend Lily come over to play for a few hours. They had a great time painting their finger and toe nails, their Barbie's finger and toe nails, and...then they had to move on to something not using nail polish.
Today is back to school, piano, and soccer.
See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Haircut #2.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday it was Lillian's turn to get a haircut. This is the first time since she has been growing hair that she has ever had bangs. She really likes her new haircut, and since she does not like tons of hair doodads, it is great that it will be easy to manage.

Yesterday I actually climbed up on the roof to put on tons of moss killer. This wet warm winter has left its mark with moss everywhere. And I hate climbing on the top part of the roof. I sprinkled a whole can of powder and also sprayed some spray. It rained last night, so I am hoping it all got washed in as it should, not washed off! I don't need to get up there again anytime soon. Both Maren and John offered to get up there for me...yeah right, like I would let either of them get up there if I am not willing to!

Yesterday I also downloaded TaxCut and did our taxes. Because I don't have my job at the school withhold taxes, our refund is less than years past, but it will still be nice to get. Yesterday we got tons of chores done then went out to the Sizzler for dinner. Have not been there in years and years. Kids loved it. Especially the dessert bar.

Today Lillian's friend Lily will come over to play and Preston has a birthday party to attend later.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day/President's Day.

Good morning, it is Monday.

No school due to President's Day! We were originally due to have this whole week off, but because of the strike at the beginning of the school year, we just have today and tomorrow off. For a family who is not going anywhere far away, a 4 day weekend is plenty. With Valentine's Day and President's Day back to back, the kids in the world may not even know why they have the day off of school.

Yesterday Maren got her hair highlighted for the first time in her life! It looks very nice. I recommended she get a little pink tossed in there as well, but she stuck with the yellow and brown colors. Maren really likes the way it turned out, not a big difference, but a good difference.
Yesterday after church John and Carol took us out to lunch at Red Robin. I took this pic while everyone was checking the no silly grins.
While Maren was out getting her hair done, I took the kids over to John and Carol's house to have a visit with Jack and Avery. There was lots of playing and having fun. Lillie had the idea to ask Grandpa for some old socks to make sock puppets out of. Lillie couldn't hold still enough to get a picture of, but here is Hansen and his sock puppet. Hansen is such a creative artist!
As I type, Maren and Preston are hanging out with a mob of folks shopping the 50% off President's Day sale at Value Village. Who knows what treasures they will fine.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

It is Valentine's Day! We don't do much, but we did put a few treats and a card for each kid, as well as their mom, at their place at the table. The school parties were the big hit for the littles who now have a bag of cards and candy from each of their classmates. The no parties deal at the Jr. High had Preston feeling a bit left out, but I am sure he found plenty of Valentine's candy.

Yesterday I took Hansen to see The Lightning Thief movie. I really liked the movie. Hansen would have really liked the movie but he is having a hard time getting over how much they changed the movie from the book. I actually thought some of the changes may have been for the better, I really enjoyed the book and the movie. After the movie we picked up Maren and Lillian and headed out to the Super Mall in Auburn. Lillie found some earrings and some glasses. Yes, she really wanted these glasses. They are like sunglasses with clear lenses, I guess she was feeling left out in the glasses department. Preston has been hanging out with Austin's family for the second weekend in a row, I guess anything to get away from us for the day? Actually they went ice-skating and just hung out. Here is a pic taken at Starbucks:

Have a nice Valentine's Day.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Parties.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Are you ready for your classroom Valentine's Day Party! Lillie and Hansen are. Their cards are done, card holders done, treats are purchased, now all that is left is to get through the first hours of school so the party can begin! When the kids get home from school they will be so sugared up they won't be able to see straight! I don't think Preston's classes will be doing anything Valentine's Day related, but I am sure the kids will all have plenty of candy without their teacher's help.

Here is a Valentine's Day List that Lillie made and posted on the refrigerator:

The girls in this family do like their lists!

Hope you have a nice Valentine's Day Party!

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Good morning, it is Thursday.

Check out this tall beauty with a red top...and the Amaryllis next to her! A month ago Maren planted this Amaryllis bulb under the blinds in the kitchen window. At times it would grow so fast that you would have to move the blinds up an inch or two every day just to give it room. Maren says "it is science in action!" How cool it that? The kids will tell you, "very cool!"

Today is a little different. Preston has soccer and the littles don't have choir. Our house is a little crazy with the kids getting ready for their Valentine's Day Parties at school tomorrow. Scraps of paper and boxes ready to be filled with cards are all over the place. Oh the hype!

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

4:57 PM

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

4:57 PM. You may wonder why I typed that? Is there some significance to that time? Has Julian finally fallen off his rocker after hundreds of posts? Here are the answers: I will tell you, no, and maybe...just hang in there a second!

Actually, these four pictures were taken at 4:57pm. This is exactly what was happening in our house at that time. I think it makes for kind of a cool blog.

Preston and Connor, done with their homework were goofing with their web-cams and e-mailing each other on their school laptops from close range while watching soccer on TV.
Hansen and Nick, done with building Legos and shooting things with Nerf guns had moved on to games on the computer.
Lillie, done with playing outside, came in to watch some of her Barbie movie and get away from the boys.
And Maren just walked in the door from a gruelling drive home after working the afternoon in Bellevue.

By the time American Idol came on, but after these pictures were taken we (as in some did some, others did other) also: Took my old phone to the FedEx store, bought milk and eggs, had dinner, did homework, did chores, made bigger messes than the chores cleaned, practiced piano, cooked cookes, and ate cookies. Phew.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

returning stuff

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

I have been having trouble with my Verizon cell phone, and Hansen had trouble with his model airplane that he purchased at the Airplane Museum. I will start with my phone. After a year and a half the vz navigator stopped knowing where I was in the world. It let me down a few times so I brought my phone in. They ended up giving me a new phone (same model-LG Dare) and it too has the same issues. Turns out that the best they can figure it is due to the newest version of the software not meshing with the phone...or something. But I really like my phone for the camera (it is the only camera I use these days) and I am not due to upgrade for several months. So I just canceled the vz navigator feature, and canceled the Rhapsody music player as well as I don't get my money worth. I could probably whine and complain and not stop until I get a new phone that is a different model...but truthfully, I just don't care that much and am just as happy to save the money.

Hansen's airplane came with two right tail wings and no left. This really is a problem if the plane is going to look realistic. I really did not want to go back to the museum just for a return, so I finally just e-mailed the company the facts, and attached this sad/goofy/strange photo:

I received a response way quicker than I had expected to and the company is sending Hansen a new plane. They did not mention the photo.

No big plans for tonight, so I am sure we will be busy.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Saints and skating.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yay for the New Orleans Saints! Super Bowl Champs! Kicked the Colts all over the place! I loved the crafty play calls and the way the Saints just never gave up. Fun Game!
Football was not the only thing that happened around here this weekend. Hansen had his cousin Alex over for an overnight and Lillie got to go over to her cousin Claire's house for an overnight. Hansen and Alex spent the night playing video games, watching movies, and just goofing off. On the drive home to Alex's house I told him I would give him a dollar if he would wear Hansen's Husky hat inside his house. He replied that he would not wear that hat for one million dollars! Hansen, the Husky fan said, "Alex, I don't know how I can hate you and love you at the same time...but I do." Alex had no idea that Hansen was giving him bunny ears in this picture.
Saturday Lillie got to go to a rollerskating birthday party for a friend from school. Here are the three friends just waiting to get back on the rink. Waiting for the open skate.
Lillie had never been on roller skates, and it has been many many years for me. I did get some skates so I could go out and help her out. The first lap for Lillie had about 20 crashes and took about 20 minutes. By the end of the party, she could go all the way around the rink without crashing and actually skating. Now she wants her party at the skating rink!
This is us watching the game yesterday: oops, wrong family.
See you tomorrow.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Boeing Flight Museum.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Last night was free day at the Boeing Flight Museum. Hansen and Lillian have wanted to go for some time and last night we finally made it work. Maren and Preston stayed home, but we did meet Grandpa there. The Boeing Flight Museum is amazing. It has so much more than it did just 7 years ago. Now there is a wing with just WW1 and WW2 displays. These displays are so much more than just the planes. There are the outfits, log books, weapons, and other things from that time. The technology change between WW1 and WW2 is just amazing. There is also a new space wing. We got to get inside a panel from the Space Station. The treadmill is on the ceiling, the beds in the wall, the camera showing the Space Station circling the earth every 9 minutes on the floor. Amazing. Of course there are still the same old kid areas and huge planes. Now that Lillian has been on an airplane once in her life, she was a walking expert. Hansen loved to see the the equipment the pilots wore during their eras. And both kids got derailed in the gift shop. My camera is not too good at dark indoor places, but here are a few pictures from our hour and a half at one of the coolest museums I have been to:

Lillian, Grandpa, and Hansen in front of a cool display and plane.
Hansen checking out WW1 weapons. Next time I will just take a picture of the back of his head, he did not really want to turn around for this pic.

Lillian in the kid zone flying an airplane with actual levers.
Lillian was into the hot air balloons. This basket was very high over the upper ledge, if gave you feeling of being quite high. Lillian made herself get in it a few times even thought she was scared of the height. Hansen just liked to taunt her.
This is one of the many WW2 planes. I don't know much about the planes and stuff, but this one was my favorite model when I was a kid due to the cool teeth paintings.

We had a great time, Hansen was a bit rushed in the gift shop trying to spend more than his allowance would allow. He did find a nice little snap together plane. Lillian found a cute little plane necklace, and I just couldn't help but to buy a little balsa wood plane with a wind up propeller and landing gear just like the ones I would throw as a kid.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

mud, walls, homework.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

The last couple of days have been very nice weather wise around here. Mid 50's, no rain or close to it. When Preston has nothing to do, rather than getting on his bike and riding to a friend's house (like I would have done at that age), he just puts on his soccer shoes and destroys the back yard, while texting his friends. Hansen will go out and join him as well. This is the back slider door as it usually looks these days. Muddy shoes, muddy soccer ball, and a cat hanging outside not being able to decide if it is wiser to come in or stay out. On a good day the mud is designated to the little door mat...other days it creeps further into the house.

Lillian has gotten into room decorating. She snuck a couple of rolls of tape upstairs and the recycle bin has not seen any of her art for a few days. She loves having art all over her room in every possible spot. Of course she likes to have clothes and toys all over the floor in every possible spot as well. But I don't have issue with the walls.
Lillian generally dives right into her homework no problem. For 1st grade, there is not too much, usually a math sheet like this one, and some spelling words to memorize. We have like 50 magazines come to our house every month so Lillian could have chosen cell phones, flowers, anything for her story problem...but she chose cars! Hansen had lots of homework last night, finding common denominators in math and tons of vocabulary as well...but I didn't even try to take his picture while doing homework as he was on a roll.
See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Puppets and ponies.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Lillian brought home from school a set of very cute hand puppets on sticks. They are all for the story Chicken Little. But she likes to change the story so Turkey Lurky is the star. Here is a picture of Lillian performing a puppet show for me and Preston after school yesterday:

Maren had to work kind of late yesterday, and when she got home I took Preston out to run a few errands. I needed to take my phone to the Verizon store because it has forgot to be a Nav system...looks like they will send me a new phone and hope that helps. Then we went to Fred Meyer to pick up milk, bananas, celery, cheese, and as it turned out...Preston some shoes. When Preston is happy to be out and about, he is a very goofy kid. After checking all the gumball machines for loose change, the tried out the pony ride:
Here is a picture of his new favorite shoes. Orange canvas Converse shoes. His soccer team is orange and blue, so he is very partial to orange. The Converse shoes are awfully close to the Converse shoes from when I was a kid.
Tonight we don't have anything on the calendar, so I am sure we will be busy.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, February 01, 2010

on my mind.

Good morning, it is Monday.

What is on my mind this very second?

1. I just rejected two more strange comments made to my blog. One was for Viagra and such medicines, the other for Mercedes Bends autos. I do feel bad about having to weed through the comments, but the number of spam I get is amazing. What is strange is that is it is usually for older posts and you would never know if you only look at the currents posts.

2. Amber has a thread on her Facebook about HD TV and boycotting shows that are not in HD TV. Of course it is all for fun, but it gets you thinking. Our TVs still have rounded glass fronts. Are we really missing out on a whole new world? Would a couple of $1000.00 TVs and an extra $30.00 a month really make us love TV more than we do now? Is that even possible?

3. If the movers and shakers at the church don't like the ELCA for some of it's new ideas on the roll of Bishops and the equality of all people in the ministry, why would they not shop around for their $500,000.00 building loan? Actions speak louder than words at times and giving them your half a million dollar business sounds like endorsement to me. I don't mind, I think I support the ELCA's decisions of late, but for those grumblers who seem to be the same exact folks securing the loan...why?

4. Would I buy a Toyota over a Ford ever again? Toyota's reputation built in the 1980s is not seeming to save them anymore...and the same seems to be true of Ford, but for the better. That thought does not last long because my Dodge mini-van will be a fixture in my driveway for a long time. But I don't think I would.

There you go. I got that out. Time to clean the living room, wake up the kids, and get ready for school.

See you tomorrow.