Thursday, January 28, 2010


Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday turned out to be a fine day. Preston got to his ortho appointment (he has gray bands on his braces as they did not give him a choice this time) and had a good soccer practice. His team scrimmaged the girls team from the same select organization, but a year older. It is interesting because the girls usually get taller and stronger quicker than the boys, so there is a year or so around age 12 and 13 that the girls soccer teams are better than the boys. Preston's team is now growing and getting past that spot...and quite pleased that they beat the girl's team regularly these days. Preston's teammates still tease him about a play a year ago against the girls team where he checked a girl, knocked her to the ground, but instead of taking the ball to the goal...he stopped, helped the girl up, and apologized for knocking her to the ground. I don't think he is so polite these days.

Lillie and Hansen also had good days, doing well at their piano lessons and having a fun time at home. The KSD had a technology fair last night, but as we have been so busy the last couple of nights, and Maren and I wanted to watch the President's speech so we stayed home. Yes, I do like Obama, thought his speech was very good, and I hope he can pass his programs and get the country back on a good track for us and the world, but these speeches just turn into a sad display for the world of how divided this country is and how pathetic some of our leaders are when Democrats and Republicans purposely mock each other and such. Anyhow, that is enough politics for my blog...just keep voting.

See you tomorrow.

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sussah said...

I love President Obama and almost always agree with what he says. But I thought that the clips of the speech appearing this morning on the news actually came off better than the long speech itself. (like the highlights of golf, when all we see is the ball going into the hole and people cheering). I was glad he ended up by mentioning Louisiana and Haiti in the same sentence. Love, susanna