Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Maren and I had a very nice 19th anniversary. We did not do anything special other than celebrate Hansen's birthday, but it was a nice day. Maren got some flowers, and I am sure we will go out for dinner some day. Thanks for all the nice cards and comments.

Yesterday was back to the grind of school, work, and rain. Arg. Last night it was back to homework and soccer. I don't think any of the kids minded homework and I know Preston was very happy to get back to soccer.

Last night we ventured down to West Coast Awards to buy some shirts for Maren's Library award committee. Maren wanted to buy shirts for her committee to wear on award presentation day, so if you see a committee wearing hot pink, that is Maren's group. We choose West Coast Awards because Amber and Chuck worked for them for a long time, but these days West Coast Awards is making it hard to be a customer. They were closed all of winter break and now they are only open until 6:00pm. We got there at 5:50pm and Maren was able to get her order in. They did not check her thumb drive to see if the logo was good or take very good notes either, but their work has always been top notch, so we are assuming the shirts will come out very nice. The workers downstairs all said they had only worked there for like three years and did not know Amber or Chuck, I asked if Brett or the old timers were still there, and while the workers said they had already left for the day, I am pretty sure Brett's red Camaro was parked in the back and they were probably upstairs watching Monday Night Football and hanging out. I will try to catch them when we pick up the shirts.

My camera phone lets us goof around with pictures, here are a couple of fun ones:

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Love the pirate pic! Well, West Coast Awards will never get another employee as good as Amber. That's all there is to it!