Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mom is home!

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Last night at nearly 10:00pm Maren got home from Boston. She had a very successful trip, and as the Chair of the Edward's award her committee gave the award to a non-fiction writer for the first time ever in the history of the award. Jim Murphy is the latest and only non-fiction writer to win the Margaret Edwards award to date. Cool...but you will have to get specifics from Maren, that is all I know, and I might even be wrong. Maren did say it was kind of cool to have the travel day for her birthday because with the time change her birthday lasted 27 hours instead of the normal 24 hour day. We also called my Mom to wish her a happy birthday. Sounds like her birthday was good as well, she was about to dig into cake once she got off the phone with us.

The kids were very excited to have their mom back home. I took them to the airport even though they will be tired today. We showed up a few minutes early and had a hot chocolate as we waited at the gate.

Here are the kids with their mom as she exited her gate:

Can you tell that the boys had just gotten haircuts? Hansen's is easy to see, but Preston's not so much...I think there were equal amounts of hair on the ground for each boy...but Hansen certainly has a shorter style. Lillian was very happy to have her mom back.
These pictures are from Monday. The weather was very nice and Lillian, along with a couple of the neighbor girls, did some fancy side walk chalk. The art stretches out equally as far the other way.
See you tomorrow.

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