Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy 19th anniversary to M and J, 10th birthday H.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Happy 19th anniversary to Maren and myself!

Happy 10th birthday to Hansen!

Yup, Hansen was born on our 9th anniversary...and he never lets us forget which of those events is more important and how lucky we are to have him born on our anniversary. We thought about ditching him on his birthday to go out to dinner for our anniversary, but so far, his parties win out. Maybe next year, our 20th, will outshine his party...maybe.

Here is a picture of a picture that is hanging on our wall of Maren and me shortly after we got married, in the same outfits we were married in.
Now, 19 years later, Maren looks just the same!
A solo picture of Hansen at his birthday party yesterday. We had a very nice party. Hansen shared his party with Maggie who turned two years old! Hansen enjoys sharing his party and figures the bigger the better. Maggie seems to also like sharing the birthday party! We will see how she feels about sharing a party with much older Hansen when she is turning 15?
Here is a picture of the birthday kids. Hansen 10 years, and Maggie 2 years.

Last night we went out to see the movie Avatar for Hansen's birthday. Lillie was not too happy to be left home with Maren, but she would have not liked the movie at her young age. Very cool movie.

See you tomorrow.


Grandpa and Bernice said...

Happy Anniversary Maren and Julian, and Happy Birthday Hansen.
Some really nice pictures.

Amber said...

No, Lillie probably would not have liked that movie. Happy day to all!

Melanie Ostergard said...

So Mar's been married to you for half her! Congrats!

Happy 10th Hansen!