Monday, January 18, 2010

A full weekend.

Good morning, it is Monday.

We have the day off due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Preston will probably sleep in till noon, Hansen should be up any time, and Lillian and I have been up for a while now.

We have kept very busy this weekend. I will try not to bore you with too many details.

I spent much of the day on Saturday shifting things in the garage so I could get to a broken pipe, on that cracked during the cold spell. I was able to borrow a blow torch and with about $8.00 in parts, able to repair the broken pipe. That was fun...I also fixed a neighbor's broken pipes as well. The garages in our neighborhood are unfinished and the pipes have a shut off valve, so it was no problem...there was just too much water in the pipe for a week of 10 degrees weather. Here is Lillian playing with a bubble blower while I work in the garage.

Hansen and I spent some time building a paper/balsa air plane that Hansen flew around for a while, getting it stuck in tall trees and finally it lost it's rudder and needs repair.

Preston had a great weekend, he was not home! Friday and Saturday he spend with a couple of friends, overnight, then monster jam. Sunday he spent the day at a kind of Church Retreat. About 9 kids his age hung out after church, made lunch, goofed off, then made cookies and headed over to a local retirement home. They brought the cookies and had a great time hanging with seniors. Preston was telling about one guy who wore cool hats and told fun math jokes.

After picking Preston up from his retreat, I took all the kids to Starbucks so Hansen could make a dent in his Starbucks gift card. Lillie, Preston and I had no trouble ordering hot chocolate, but Hansen took forever trying to figure out what to order. I don't have enough patience in my life to do this too many more times. Hansen even had to let another customer go in front of him. The reason for the picture of the coffee cup is to tell of Lillian's joke: Lillie said to me, "Do you know who I love less than Mom?", I said "who?", and she pointed at the cup with a big grin. Ouch.

Last night I took the kids to a movie theatre. We saw Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. There is a $3.00 theatre not too far away, $3.00 movies all the time, sure the titles are a few months old, but it was fun to be at a theatre.

Maren has called from Boston a few times, it sounds like her ALA Conference is going great. Their committee chose a great author to win it's award and the big presentations and such have gone very well. I think she gets to meet my cousin Emily today for a coffee or something.

See you tomorrow.

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Emily said...

Yes! We met for coffee out of Starbucks cups identical to the ones in your blog picture above. Thanks to your blog updates about Maren's new short, curly 'do, I was able to recognize her from across the conference center. It was so good to sit and chat with the Chairperson of the Edwards Award committee--especially since we figured out that the last time we had seen eachother, she was in library school.