Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Last night Hansen got to choose any place for dinner he wanted for his fancy birthday dinner. He chose Zoopa near South Center mall. It worked out perfect because on Tuesdays kids 9 and under eat free. Next Tuesday he will be 10 years old and the free kids meal will only be good on Lillie. Lillie thinks the funniest thing ever is when you are inside the restaurant and you read Zoopa backwards, you are eating at Apooz. Potty humor is alive and well at our house! Here is Hansen enjoying round one of his birthday week:
Hansen is not even home as last night he spent the night at Kole's house. Lillie was getting all bent out of shape because Preston has lots of overnights and Hansen has a few, but she does not get any! She got to sleep in Hansen's bed and that was a good enough distraction for her. Yikes.

See you tomorrow.

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