Friday, December 11, 2009

What a difference a day makes.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday was a good day for Hansen. I think this shirt must have brought him luck:

Or maybe it is the Coffee that his is about to gulp down. That's right, Hansen gulps his coffee. It's is not my idea! OK, back to Hansen. The day before yesterday Hansen nearly missed his bus to school, his homework was overwhelming, and his decisions on things like when to hit his sister were just extremely poor...not his best day. Then came yesterday. Hansen was ready to go to school just fine, he did not have too much homework, and the work he did he did well, he even did the couple extra math problems (really...but only 4 problems) just right showing his work and everything. The day went smoothly and then off to choir practice. The children's choir practiced for a few minutes then went off to practice with the adult choir for the first time ever. Talk about culture shock! The kids were put right in the front, the lady running the show was very good, but no nonsense whatsoever. And she was very quick and too the point (yup, another sentence starting with the word "and", sorry Mrs. Radford...but I think that is the way literature is going, so I am rolling with it.). Anyhow, the kids were all given sheet music (which they may or may not be able to of each in our case) and were each just like a deer in a headlight, they did not know what was about to hit them. After a few minutes the director asked for a volunteer from the kids to say the opening speaking part. No one dared move a muscle, but for some reason Hansen's hand went up. They tried him a few times, then gave him the part...the director was even joking (but the kids could not tell she was joking) about how he had better not be sick or have cold feet because once the bulletin was printed, it was not to be changed. Hansen was very brave and the adults were very impressed with him. A little later it was told that the kids did not need to memorize the parts and could read them, so a few others have parts as well. On the car ride home I asked Hansen what was up with the volunteering and how impressive it was, and he said, "Well, my mind was not made up, but no one was volunteering and in the awkward silence my body just urged my hand up in the air" Yikes.

OK, that is a long blog on Hansen, but he does not get too many of these with being the middle child surrounded by the likes of Preston and Lillie. Good for you Hansen!

See you tomorrow.


Grandpa and Bernice said...

I'm really impressed that Hansen volunteered in the choir - for a speaking part yet. Having been in a choir for many years and singing in front of large crowds, I must say it can be scary. Good for you Hansen. And enjoy it!!
Bubby Bernice

Stef said...

Go Hansen!! I'm so proud! Is this for the Christmas eve service? Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow...