Sunday, December 06, 2009

Soccer and stuff. Familar title huh?

Good morning, it is Sunday.

We will be leaving to pick up Preston and heading to church in about 15 minutes, but I have time for a quick blog. Preston decided to spend the night with friends at a friend's house knowing full well we would be picking him up at 9:30am. He did not even whine, but he will be tired this morning.

Yesterday Preston had a soccer game at 3:00pm, he had to arrive at the field at 2:00pm, he accidentally told his grandpa that the game started at when I dropped Preston off at 2:00pm, I rounded up John and took him to the Scholastic Book Warehouse for a few minutes on the other side of Auburn. The place was huge, and we did not have a ton of time, but I did find the book I was looking for for Hansen. Hansen is quite a reader these days and we can hardly keep him in good books. We found the book and at the check out they were giving away tons of posters, so now we have plenty of posters as well.

We made it back to the soccer game just in time for the game. The result was a 1-1 tie, but Preston played great. The goal was on an a Preston assist, but the goalie made some amazing stops against Preston. At one point John and I were standing behind a few parents from the other team when Preston made some crazy good moves, flew by a few defenders, fought off a couple more, made a super cross shot that did not result in a goal, but the other team was scared big time. The parents for the other team were like, "man, look at that kid run, and his moves, and his ball handling, etc." I cracked up because right on cue John said, "And he is smart too!"

I wish I could tell you about my adventures while shopping for Maren's Christmas gift, but that would give it away. And I have been trying to fix the microwave oven to no avail...groan.

OK, out of time.

See you tomorrow.

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