Sunday, December 20, 2009

Santa visit.

Good evening, it is Sunday.

Blogging Sunday evening is turning into a trend. But since Blogging Sunday morning is usually out of the question and the weekends are always busy so I will take a deep breath and blog.

Friday was a "go" day for Preston. He had a school dance right after school which he left early from in order to get to a soccer friend's birthday party. I picked up Preston and Connor, we headed to GameStop for a couple of gift cards (that is how last second gift cards happen and how all 13 year olds seem to roll) then to the party...a Dodgeball party. Yes, it was great, Dodgeball. The kids had a great time.

Saturday was also a busy day. Preston had his last soccer game of the season. He had a great game and his team won the game. After tomorrow's practice he gets a couple of weeks off before the State Cup in January.

After the game we loaded the kids up and went to see Santa! Preston was not too thrilled and really did not want to participate, but since Maren and I jumped into the picture as well, he just didn't have a choice. Santa actually asked me what I wanted for Christmas after asking everyone else...and I totally choked! Maren has requested a great Christmas and later a nice dinner out with her husband...cough, uh me...and I kind of just agreed! I agreed to a nice dinner, what was I thinking??? I could have had a new motorcycle, a fast car, or a Red Ryder BB gun...but all that came out was, "yup, a nice dinner and a great Christmas would be perfect". Dude, I totally choked. I guess a nice dinner will be nice. Here is a nice picture of the event. I am taking this pic and Preston is off to the side.

This morning the children's choir sang in both services with the adult choir at church. Hansen did his speaking part totally perfect. My camera is not the best, but the pictures came out pretty good. Hansen is the first kid on the right and Lillie is the fourth from the right. Nice job to the whole children's choir.
The last picture is of Hansen and Lillie painting stockings for our kittens Ranger and Joe.
Two more days of school before winter break.
See you tomorrow.

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