Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

I sure hope you had a very nice Christmas as we did!

We spent Christmas Eve at John and Carol's house along with Mel, Court, Stef, Jack and Avery. After a nice day of hanging out, eating well, and opening presents, we headed to the 7:30 pm church service. Preston and a couple of his friends were acolytes for the service. They were kept very busy with their activities which included helping with the candles, communion and more. They did a great job and the Christmas Eve service was one of the best services I have ever attended.

Stef got a Snuggie covered with WSU logos. Lillie loved it and snuggled with Stef hoping she will be a WSU Cougar some day.
Here is Court, Stef, Preston and Hansen getting ready for dinner.
Carol is pictured here serving sweedish meatballs. Double yum. Acutally tripple yum as I had a bunch for dinner tonight as well.
Lillie and Hansen sorted presents at Nana's house. With five kids and plenty of adults, there were presents galore.
Everyone came by our house today which was great. Currrently Maren is just resting on the couch, the kids are snacking and playing with Christmas gifts, I just got back from a run, and we are just having a great day.

Merry Christmas everyone, see you tomorrow.

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