Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lost and found.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

We just found out that Preston's soccer game just changed time and location at the last minute, so we are kind of scrambling to leave in 30 a quick post.

Yesterday I was at Grass Lake to be Art Docent in Lillie's first grade class. I took this picture of the supplies I was using to show a progression of the project. After this picture, I totally forgot to take any more pictures, so this is what you get until next week when I visit the school again. Basically we used the two colors of paper to make a landscape, then we used the hummingbird outline that I made to color hummingbirds, then cut out the hummingbirds, glued them to the landscape and used the oil pastels to make everything bright and colorful. They actually turned out very nice. Mrs. Akins even made her own art project so it must not have been too poor of an idea.

When I walked into the main hallway at Grass Lake I was totally startled by the line of lost and found clothes. This picture shows the clothes lined down the entire length of the hall...and very nice clothes! At Cedar Valley there is just a small box of lost and found clothes. I never expected such a difference, but I guess I should not be surprised as the income levels of the students families at the schools may be equally diverse.
Ok, time is up. See you tomorrow.

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