Friday, December 18, 2009

Little hat ornaments.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday at school Mrs. Senger set us up for a very cute craft project that she did for the classes she substituted in the last couple of days. These are the cutest little hat ornaments. You use yarn and cut up rolls of cardboard from paper towels. Lillie made three hats, Hansen made one and a half hats, Preston and myself just made one hat. Maren worked a bit late so she did not partake in the fun (Maren fans can feel sad for her now.........ok, that is enough, I gave her my hat!) This blog was only going to be about these cute little ornament hats, but just as I was going to take the pictures, Hansen and Lillie realized that they each received their favorite magazine in the mail and the only way I was possibly going to get a picture of them with the hats was to include the magazine as well, so Preston and I added the book we are reading right now to our pictures just to be fun:

Lillie with her three hats and her new favorite TinkerBell mag.
Hansen wearing his little hat while holding his newest Jughead comic book...he just loves the Jughead comics...we purchased an issure several months ago from the grocery store check stands, and he liked them so much we bought him a subscription.

Preston is reading the second installment of The Manny Files, his hat is there too.
I am reading Born To Run. It is a cool book about ultra runners and such. Currently I am sort of the opposite of an ultrarunner. But I am turning things around slowly.

Enjoy your Friday. Today I am art docent in Lillie's class, we are going to be drawing hummingbirds and doing a cool little craft on M.J. Heade. At least I hope it is cool, I invented it myself.

See you tomorrow.


Melanie Ostergard said...

Take pictures of your craft project. I want to see your creativity since I don't have any.

Anonymous said...

Love The Manny Files!

sussah said...

I did not know that Jughead was available on subscription. And as a Maren fan, I'm glad you gave one of the little tiny hats to her. love, susanna

Anonymous said...

What cute little hats! What a great family of readers. I just picked up Under the Dome by Stephen King this afternoon.

Amber said...

There's a Tinkerbell magazine? Aurora would already love that - I got her a Tinkerbell coloring book last weekend because she just kept saying Tinkerbell over and over :)

I may have picked up a new LIVESTRONG running shirt for you today... I wish I'd gotten it in time to include it in with your gifts! Oh well, you might have to wait until your birthday... or at the very least, Hansen's birthday.

jerisenger said...

Good job Julian and crew! I am just about hatted out this year. See you Monday. I would love to see the project you invented for Lillie's class.