Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lego Architecture.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

This weekend has seemed like a total bonus vacation. I think I would be about ready to go back to work on Monday...but I may be the only one.

Yesterday Preston and I made a quick trip to the outlet stores to pick up a pair of soccer shoes and a pair of running shoes. Very quick and successful trip. The store had exactly the shoes we were looking for and it did not seem very crowded. Preston then spent much of the afternoon kicking the soccer ball in the back yard (we have a big goal and no grass), coming in every once in a while to eat a frozen burrito and tell about how his new shoes grip the ball so well that he can make it drop, rise, curve and hit the corners of the net with pin point accuracy. That kid can control a soccer ball better than I can control a golf ball!

Hansen spent much of the day building his newest Lego set. Notice the box, 811 pieces, suggested for 18+ age group. He would take the occasional break to fly his little remote control helicopter around the house. Sounds like the perfect day for Hansen. This is the completed Lego below:

The next picture is of Hansen hard at work building. A couple of years ago he and I were sitting in nearly the same spot building a Lego Batmobile, but back then he needed lots of he does not really want anyone hanging out just in case we mess him up.
Maren has been cleaning and Lillie has been hanging out with her when not outside. Our bedroom looks great and organized and if I don't start doing a bit more work around the house soon I will get a reputation for being a bit lazy! If Lillie keeps hovering around, Maren may be ready to go back to work as well.

Off to read the paper, have some coffee, and get ready for church. See you tomorrow.

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