Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lefsa and more.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

This is my 700th post! Crazy huh? As you know, today is Christmas Eve and it should be a good one! Yesterday we ventured over to Mel's house to hang with everyone and make lefse for tonight's traditional lefse and meatballs meal. One of the best meals ever. When we arrived Mel and Carol were hard at work already. Preston even got in on the action. If you scroll down to the last picture of this post you can see Preston in action. The pictures did not upload in the order I planned, and I am thinking it is easier for you to scroll down than for me to figure this out. Sorry.

I did not blog yesterday because I slept in too late, vacation is great! Preston was grumpy for most of the early afternoon because I woke him up at noon and I had told the kids the night before that they could sleep in as late as they wanted. How much later than noon do you have to sleep in? Preston for one is frustrated he did not get the chance to find out!

Tuesday was party day at the schools. Lots of candy, lots of coloring, lots of fun. Hansen's class had a gift exchange game where everyone brought a wrapped gift, the kids all sat in a circle and the teacher read a story. Every time she said a certain word, everyone had to pass their gift to one side or the other depending on the story. When the story ended, the gift in your hand was your gift. Hansen then traded with a friend to get this Starbucks Coffee note pad. Anything Starbucks is like gold to Hansen.
Yesterday at Mel's house, Avery woke up a while before Jack, so she got all the attention for quite a while. Getting all the attention from Lillie and Hansen can be both good and bad, but mostly good. Here is Hansen, I mean gently carrying Avery around.
Here is the picture of Preston making Lefsa...but you already scrolled down to see this didn't you?
Have a great Christmas Eve. Preston is one of the acolytes at the 7:30 service tonight. He could have signed up for any Sunday, but Christmas Eve services have three acolytes, so he will not be the only acolyte...seems that he did not want to be the only one sitting next to the pastor, so now he will have a couple of friends to get in trouble with.

See you tomorrow, and hopefully you are on the nice list!


Amber said...

I remember that meal, and Carol's sweet potatoes. Yum!

Avery's hair is so cute with the little bows - but the worried look on her face tells me that having all the attention definitely does have its draw backs. And Lillie in the background playing with baby toys... perfect.

Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone!

sussah said...

Merry Christmas to the very most prolific blogger I know! And to all the family too. Careful with Avery, Hansen!! Love, Susanna and Johnny