Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Ears, advent, eating.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

A few pictures, but first, Hansen had his ear check up yesterday. Sounds like everything is going great. Hansen was extremely nervous to have them remove the gel packs that were in his ear, but he survived. Another week of drops, no water in the ear for a few more weeks, and a hearing check in three months. Phew.

This picture is the mad race after dinner to do the advent calendars. We have plenty, and there are a few that are kid specific. In this picture Hansen is working on his Lego advent calendar and Lillie has moved from the Playmobile to the singing tree advent calendar. Preston has decided it is just fine to stay out of the way this year.

Staying out of the way of the advent calendars just gives him more time in the kitchen. This picture was taken at 9:20pm last night as Preston was eating everything in the house including this box of Bagel Bites after getting home from an evening of soccer practice. Actually he is leaning on the counter just waiting for the toaster oven to hurry...the microwave is still broken.
Last picture...taken at the bus stop in the morning. It was maybe 27 degrees. Brrrr.
See you tomorrow.