Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bel Square, Christmas Pagent, Running, and Pictures.

Good evening, it is Sunday.

Blogging Sunday night because I have the time. Currently Maren and Lillie are at Mel's house for "girl's night" with friends and family. Me and the boys are hanging out. The boys are playing new video games that we purchased today at GameStop with a couple of Preston's birthday gift cards. I have football on in the background, but I am not too invested in it.

Earlier was the Church Christmas Pageant. Hansen and Lillie did a great job singing in the Children's choir as well as the parts that were with their Sunday School classes. Preston did a great job playing his clarinet with the other kids his age at the closing. It was nice to have Nana and Grandpa there as well. Great pageant, just perfect for a Sunday school program.

Today we had snow! What better time to start running again? I have always loved running in the snow, and riding my bike in the house gets so boring.

Last night we went up to Bellevue to visit Stef. We had pizza (thanks to a friendly bet that I won due to the Huskies beating the Cougars in the Apple Cup) then went to Bel Square for window shopping and the sidewalk parade. The Lillie story of the mall...sad but true. My policy these days is that if I get change back at a store, and they have a Salvation Army bell ringer out front, I will give the change to a kid and they can put it in the red bucket. When we got to the mall I tried to get Lillie to put a handful of change in the bucket, but she refused, so Preston gladly stepped up. Next Lillie was shopping at Claire's, a little ear ring store where Lillie wanted a $10.00 friendship necklace that we were just not buying at the time. Well, Lillie threw a total fit and on the way out of Claire's she said to me with attitude, "How dare you give all your money away, you should have given it to me so I could buy the necklace!" Yup, we had a little talk about helping others and not being so selfish, she did calm down mostly, and we had a nice time.

Here are a few more pictures:
Ice-cream break. Hansen skipped the ice-cream as he was still full from his Starbucks decaf peppermint latte.
Hansen at the Lego Store, he loves the new "Architecture" series of Legos. The Lego folks are geniuses.
Lillie and Stef at a make-up counter. Lillie really wanted a major makeover like some adults were getting, but Stef volunteered a "mini-makeover". As I type and listen to Lillie yell at Hansen about sharing, it is clear that she thinks the world revolves around her!
Preston was just going through the motions most of the evening, but he really did enjoy the Puma store. Puma really does have cool shoes these days.
This is a cute picture of one of the window displays. It was fun to be at the Bellevue Square, there are tons of beautiful people everywhere spending plenty of money and standing in long lines for expensive coffee and a chance to see the sidewalk parade. Like this reindeer in space, us Covington folk used to shopping at Fred Meyers and Costco, we may have been just a little out of place at Bellevue Square...but I am only speaking for myself here, the lights and atmosphere were just a different league than the local stores.

See you tomorrow.

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