Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another post.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

I used up all my recent pictures on my last post, and my humor is still sleeping. Read on if your brave! OK, it is not that bad, but your getting just the I don't have a good name for today's blog, and I misspelled eight words...but thanks to spell check, they are all fixed, but you can try to guess which ones they were.

Yesterday Preston got to leave school early for the first time since he started jr. high to go to an orthodontist appointment. He was lucky enough to get more braces added to his teeth and some fancy bottom bands so he did not get to choose his color. He spent the evening checking my poor bite and overlapping teeth suggesting I get braces. I have never thought my teeth bad, but compared to how straight Preston's teeth are getting, yikes.

On the Hansen homework front (Yes, Hansen and his homework are kind of like a war, so a battlefront would be more like it), Hansen had to do nearly all his math over yesterday. He was copying the problems down wrong, then missing them anyhow. His teacher had written them out in this format, 756.3 /7, which is fine, but Hansen was writing 756.3 divided by 17. Anyhow, we got him straightened out, and as soon as he learns his times tables by heart, he will be one awesome mathematician.

Lillie finally broke down and let us help her make her own friendship necklace for her and her friend. You may remember how she was mad at us for not just buying her one at the mall. Well, a little cardboard cut in the right shape and stuff and voila, you have a nice little friendship necklace that she really likes. Her play date fell through, but luckily she was able to play with other friends yesterday. She is a very creative little bean, able to make anything she wants, but who can blame her for wanting the real thing?

See you tomorrow.


jerisenger said...

Hi Julian, I left a message at school but you are probably at home. Do not buy yarn as I have so much and will bring it tomorrow when I sub in first grade. I got many colors last night. Jeri

Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks cold there! We sent out a box of presents for you today - be on the lookout!