Monday, December 07, 2009

Another no picture blog.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday during Sunday School time was a rehearsal for the church Christmas Pageant. All three kids get to be in the show. Hansen and Lillie both sing with their respective classes and with the youth choir and Preston get to play the clarinet with some friends for the closing short song. The actual show is next Sunday. The practice was fun to watch.

After church Maren had her friend Judy visit and Preston had his last indoor soccer game of the season. Hansen and Lillie did a good job of being totally bored with life.

This is a week of shows and late nights. Tonight Maren works very late teaching a class, Hansen has his dr. appointment for his ear, and Preston has soccer practice. Later this week we have Preston's band concert, and Hansen and Lillie's piano recital.

See you tomorrow. I will try to take a picture or two for tomorrow's blog.

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Amber said...

I can't read a blog without pictures.

Okay, maybe I can.