Monday, November 16, 2009

visits, leaves.

Good morning, it is Monday.

We stayed plenty busy this weekend, as usual. Saturday we were out at Melanie's house to visit with Maren's relatives who were visiting from California. We ate pizza and just hung out and had a nice time. Hansen and Lillie really had fun with Jack and Avery.

Sunday was busy as well. Church, chores, soccer, and a KSTC meeting.

Here are some pictures: This one is of Jack wearing Preston's old fishy boots. These were the only footwear Preston would wear for a very long time. Preston loved those boots at Jack's age. Jack and Hansen had tons of fun playing on the stairs and with balls and such. Preston was off at a soccer game.

Next is Lillie hanging out with Avery. They had fun with about everything.
Yesterday was rake some leaves in the pouring rain day. The rain did not keep Lillie from wanting to do some leaf jumping. Here she is checking out the begining of a long pile of leaves.
A few minutes later, jacket off, running and jumping in the leaves.
See you tomorrow.

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