Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tree is up. Black Friday shopping.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday was the day we put up the Christmas Tree. A few years back we bought a fake tree with lights pre-installed. Maren immediately liked it more than the real trees we cut down at a tree farm every year. One of the main perks is that it just does not dry out. This would be a little early for a tree if it was cut down. Last night we slept under the tree. I don't know how this became a tradition, but every year, the day we put up the tree, we sleep down stairs using the tree lights as a nightlight. Preston actually ditched us this year and spent the night at a friend's house with a bunch of other buddies, so it was just the four of us. Hansen and Lillie can bicker like no one else, I think we needed Preston here just to keep order. But we still got some good stories in. I also have some lights on the house up and working.

In yesterday's post I mentioned that I did not get up and go shopping for the Black Friday adds. That is very true, but we were getting a little house bound so around noon we all went out. First we went to Target and found a couple of things for gifts. Then we headed down to the Super Mall in Auburn. Turns out that everyone (but wants are too expensive) found just things they wanted. So instead of buying for Christmas presents, we just shopped for the moment. Maren got this fabulous little Gingerbread house, and also a gift bag thing thanks to a Black Friday sale.
Preston was just walking in the mall and all of a sudden ran away squealing. We found him in the carpet/ rug store with this FC Barcelona blanket. His favorite soccer team in the world. Yes they did have one in Twin size, so he now has one of these on his bed.
Hansen found a Pokemon package he has been eyeing for some time. Here his is trying not to look at the camera or laugh as I urge him to look at the camera and smile.
Lillie, as equally happy, if not more so than everyone else. She bought some real clip on earrings. Here she is leaving the super mall with one of her new pairs of earrings on just as happy as possible.
See you tomorrow. Go Huskies!

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