Sunday, November 08, 2009

rain, pancakes, Christmas stuff, Thankful leaves.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

This has been a very rainy weekend so far. Preston had a soccer game in the pouring rain, and the moments that the rain slowed, it just got cold. Hansen was actually happy that his soccer season had just ended so he did not have to play. The only thing about the rain is being stuck in the house. When I tucked Lillie into bed last night I asked her if she had a great day, she said sure, but I just watch movies all day. For some, that would be a great day off, but for others of us, we need to get out and move around a bit. I took Preston to the driving range on Friday for just that reason...I needed to get out and move around a bit. I must admit that I had forgotten how fun it is to hit range balls into a dark sky with the lights shining on the ball for the first 100 yards.

Yesterday Preston wanted pancakes for he made them himself. He did a very good job. Except for the cleanup. I guess I need to remind him that your not done, till after your cleaned up.

I packed up all the Halloween stuff and brought down the Christmas stuff. Lillie is a very happy camper. She is working on Christmas puzzles, watching Christmas movies, and wishing we would let her start the Advent Calendars.

Since it is still Thanksgiving season, we do actually have some Thanksgiving stuff going on. Maren got out a bunch of paper cut out fall leaves. At dinner we choose one person and everyone else in the family writes something about the person that they are thankful for. My name was first, Maren was last night, Preston will be tonight, and then Hansen, Lillie, and maybe even the cats? The only rule, which is a bit hard for Hansen to follow, is that you can't be mean...and saying stuff like, "I am thankful that dad is not too fat!" does not really cut it. We just do one a day, but Lillie just can't help herself and makes a few each day. We are keeping the leaves in a bowl, so if you're over for a visit, you can check them out.

See you tomorrow.

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Melanie Ostergard said...

I love the thankful leaves idea. I'll have to remember that.