Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Parent teacher conferences.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was parent/teacher conferences at the jr. high school. The way it worked is that all the teachers had a desk set up in the gym or the auxiliary gym and parents would just go get in the line for the teacher you wanted to talk to. You were supposed to have like 3 minutes to chat with the teacher, then move on. Preston's classes had the longest lines as always, seems like the kids in the Highly Capable classes and the Honors classes just have parents that are more actively involved in their children's education than those in regular classes. Maybe that is not a fair generalization, but if the lines to see the teachers tell the story, then it can't be any other way. I almost went and talked to the wood shop teacher because his line was empty most of the night and I always enjoyed wood shop. Preston did very well. Very well. He got high As in all his classes, his work is always excellent, and the only issue any teachers (in fact more than one mentioned) was that they wish Preston would raise his hand to answer questions a little more on his own rather than just sitting quietly waiting to be called on, hoping not to be called on. The first time I heard that I was actually surprised that our Preston just sits quietly. That is a criticism that we can very happily live with...just like in elementary school the only criticism was that his desk was a little messy, no big deal. I really enjoyed all his teachers and I feel really fortunate that Preston gets to go to such a good jr. high school with such good teachers.

In the evening I took the kids out to Cold Stone Creamery for a little congratulations on great report cards and super conferences. Lillie chose Pink Lemonade ice-cream mixed with chocolate chips, Preston had a Berry Lemony smoothie, Hansen had a chocolate creme latte, and I had chocolate ice-cream with chocolate chips. Maren decided she would rather stay at home and relax as this has been a stressful week for her at work.

Today we all get home early and are off for the next two days for Thanksgiving!

See you tomorrow.


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