Wednesday, November 04, 2009

H's last soccer game.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was a long day for all of us. Maren worked late teaching a class and did not get home until after 9:00pm. Hansen had his last soccer game and we did not get home until almost 9:00pm. Hansen's team won and really they had a great season. I think they finished 5-4. Hansen played middle defender the whole game, his best position for sure. He likes goalie, but does not like to use his hands, so he is far better off being defender, doing the same job, and having a goalie behind him. Lillie and Preston did a good job entertaining themselves during the game. The pic is of them goofing with a soccer ball between fields, Hansen's game is in the background. Soccer fields under the lights are cool!

Today Hansen and Lillie have piano lessons, Preston has soccer and an ortho appointment. Who knows what color bands he puts on his braces tonight?

See you tomorrow.

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