Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hansen ears, 40 year check up, XM radio back on.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Hansen and Maren are already out the door. Hansen is getting his left eardrum patched today. There has been a hole in his eardrum since tubes were in his ears some 5 years ago. Now it is time to patch the hole, and Maren is taking the day off to take Hansen to the docs. I will take tomorrow off to hang with Hansen and he should be ready to be back in school on Thursday. Our fingers are crossed that this will be the final installment in the Hansen ear saga. I will let you know how it went tomorrow.

Yesterday was my 40 year check up. I passed...barely. I checked out nice and healthy, but they can't really decide. When I showed up the nurse took my blood pressure and said it was 139 over 98? They said this was high and this and that. Then because I seemed otherwise healthy, they took it again on the way out and it was like 112 over 70 which was way better I guess, I don't know what these numbers mean. I am thinking the tester was not so great at the testing? I will still have to go do a blood draw after fasting in a few days, but otherwise, I'm doing great. The doctor only called me 45 years old once! Actually as far as check ups go, this was kind of fun, getting lectured on eating more vegetables and such.

And in other news, the XM radio is alive! I had canceled my XM radio several months back while getting rid of unnecessary bills. Maren still has hers in her car as she loves it and drives enough to warrant any type of radio that she wants. But me, I don't go far in my car, and I don't 170 channels for Preston to hijack...were not having that. My XM did have cool little house jack and looks good in the house as well, so it made sense to not toss it out. Well, a couple of weeks ago Maren started asking about turning mine back on so we could listen to all the great holiday stations in the house and such. Just as I was saying "nope", XM came out with a mailing saying that the unused XM was being turned back on for a month for free. Of course they will hope we love it so much we renew our subscription...and I think they may be right.

See you tomorrow.

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