Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween weekend.

Good morning, it is Monday.

We had a very full weekend! Where to start? OK, Camden's birthday party at the Bouncy Place was very fun. It was great to get the adults on the big slides. My elbow is still showing a good rug burn. There are a few fun pictures of Maren, Stef, and Annie crashing down a big inflatable that have been posted on facebook by Craig! Lillie had a super time with Claire, as did Hansen with Alex.

Trick or Treating. Tons of candy. Lots of trick or treaters came to our house. Some very fun houses to trick or treat at in our neighborhood. The neighbor has an old wooden sail boat that they bring out in the yard, paint it all black, dress up as pirates, and lower candy down to trick or treaters with a bucket. Lots of dry ice make it super cool. Another house had a very clever haunted house in the garage, very spooky, very clever. One room that Hansen was scared to go into, I went first...then a voice over the loud speaker, "Don't make your daddy go first!" Hansen was done. Lillie just thought the house was gross with all the fake dead body parts and such.

Yesterday Preston had a soccer game and the rest of us ran errands. Now that Halloween is over (just barely!), Lillie has found a Christmas play house and now wants all the Christmas decorations to come out! I may fight her off for a few days, but what is the use? This picture is her just taken yesterday with a Christmas toy house and a Christmas shirt on.

Oh, yeah, we really enjoyed the extra hour of sleep, everyone slept in this year! It is light right now which is nice, but it will be dark just too early this evening.

See you tomorrow.

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