Thursday, November 12, 2009

A full Veteran's Day.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

We had a nice Veteran's Day yesterday. Maren had a successful trip to Value Village while we all slept. She did get a nap in later in the day, so it worked out for her. Preston got to visit the doctor to learn about his sprained MCL. Luckily it is not so bad, he will be wearing a brace for a little while and only soccering one day a week instead of four for about a month. Hansen had his soccer banquet and had a great time. I also took Lillie and Hansen to an antique store in Auburn where they had tons of military memorabilia and such. We went there with the Shephard's and had a great time, until the kids realized that if they had money they could buy stuff and seeing old antiques became wanting everything. And I picked up a Gift Certificate that Jade Green Golf course very generously giving to Preston's soccer team for the silent auction in a month.

Here are some pics:

Hansen with his trophy. Coaches said he had the biggest foot on the team! Hansen liked that.
Hansen and Lillie being my leg warmers. Actually I dragged them around the wood floor (instead of mopping?) and they just laughed and howled. I guess they are not all grown up just yet.
Preston decided it was time to start baking and decorating cakes. Here is his first ever cake. Not sure where the duck came from, but I can attest that the beak was yummy. I had to buy the frosting because Preston beat me in a putting contest while we were at Jade Greens...and yes, I did try my best.
Hansen and Lillie along with Nick and Heidi at the Antique shop in Auburn. Here they are in front of a wall covered in military patches. Hansen especially liked the old military helmets, while Lillie liked the antique dolls.
I took this picture of a dollar bill selling for $1500.00. I don't even know why, but is must be something very special. There were other bills with printing errors and such as well.
Today feels like a Monday...Glad it's Thursday.
See you tomorrow.

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