Tuesday, November 10, 2009

dentist, haircut.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday was kind of brutal for most of us. Maren had to work late and we did not get to see her until after 8:00pm. The rest of us did not get to just party either. It was a trip to the dentist for Lillie, Hansen and Myself. Preston is on Maren's dentist schedule now, so they will be going in a few weeks. After the dentist (yes, we all passed!!! no cavities and good brushing scores around!) we picked up Preston and went to Carl Jr. for dinner. Yum. And even though Hansen had plenty of homework, we stopped and got him a haircut as he really needed one, and there was no wait.
Lillie in the dentist chair. Cool shades! Lillie had a fit that she did not get her hair cut when Hansen did. She though she needed a haircut more than anyone else and that life is just not fair! Truth is, Preston need the haircut the most.
Hansen and his new haircut. Hansen liked that the dentist office had a coffee maker even though he did not get any. When the dentist folk would tell him that coffee is bad and can stunt your growth and stuff, Hansen would just say that he is the tallest in his class and he figures he can us a little growth stunting...so give me some coffee!
See you tomorrow.

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