Saturday, November 14, 2009

Calendar, Cards, Candy.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

It is nearly 11:00am and Preston is still sleeping. Who knows how long he will sleep if we don't go bug him soon? Maybe we will just find out. Lillie on the other hand was up at like 7:30 am waking me up. Groan. I would have blogged early, but we watched Happily Never After 2. The Snow White movie. It was a fun movie. That was a short sentence.

Yesterday Maren went to lunch with Stef at Bellevue Square. Stef purchased this new Lego Advent Calendar for Hansen. Here is his totally excited face:

This is a girl made of cards by Lillie. She knew the "e" was backward, but just did not care. This is life sized, but the picture of her lying next to the card girl did not turn out so good.
This is a very good treat. Recommended to the Facebook world by a Facebook friend. Yum.
See you tomorrow.

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